Health and Nature

Before 1983, according to Hull in Infinite Nature, there was a wood-preserving facility in Wyoming that lost wood-preserving toxins such as, arsenic in the soil. Arsenic could kill insects, rot-causing bacteria, and humans that are exposed. I had a class where we discussed how mining companies use arsenic for mining gold or other materials. These materials are usually mined in countries like South America because the taxes for mining is cheaper. The arsenic usually ends up in the people’s drinking water causing skin diseases, poisoning, and birth defects. The government in these countries don’t care about the people in the community instead they are interested in the profit they receive from the mining companies. The government in these poor countries use the money to build the economy or pay off debts. There are still people in South America today who run peaceful protests against these mining companies in order to avoid water contamination.



2 responses to “Health and Nature

  1. Ava,
    This situation just sounds like a classic “risks vs. benefits” debate. While the profits gained from mining help the economy, the risks of endangering the environment and even the health of others cannot help but be overlooked. I am interested what your stance is? For me, I believe that the wellbeing of human beings needs to be looked at first in ANY situation, whether it be an environmental issue or an economic one.

  2. I think I am with the same position you are. I think the well being of people come first. But in other countries, they don’t believe in the well-being of indigenous people have that right. The wealthy and affluent tend to decide that for them.

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