Avatar” is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an “Avatar,” a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people.  This movie includes completely a completely different language spoken by the natives.  Avatar is a film that looks at some major concerns with our planet through the story set on another planet, Pandora.  The people there worship those hills where they believe reside their traditional gods who protect them from all ills. The tribal have been living in perfect harmony with the nature around them.  They are now facing the threat of being uprooted from what has been their home forever thanks to mining multinationals beneath the hills.  This story is being repeated in many different parts of the world today.  Many people and animals are being uprooted from their natural home and environment because humans are starting to take over.  Our population is growing so we have to find room to house these people.  Humans are trying to destroy many homes of tribes and animals just because it is better for some people.  This movie catches our attention because it uses so much imagination.  Many more people will watch Avatar rather than watch a documentary on how people are destroying native lands.  This film takes up the major people-versus-development issue in an accessible way.  Avatar is presented in a good versus evil way.  There are a few good humans that eventually take the natives side to help them save their native land and people.  This could be converted to our world by saying it only takes a few good humans to save the planet in many different ways.  It also means that we as humans need to be respectful to and learn to live in harmony with nature.  We need to learn to use nature’s resources in a sustainable way.


3 responses to “Avatar

  1. Tori,
    Isn’t in interesting the analogy that James Cameron uses to compare Pandora to our world today? There are so many countries where the land and resources are being used for economic means. However, the cultural and spiritual value of such resources is being overlooked by the so-called “power hungry” industrialists. One of the examples that just pops into my head is the destroying of Native American lands in the beginning of colonization of the Europeans. They entered the land and began to change and alter the land and resources to better fit their economic and societal needs without any respect of the spiritual connections that the Native Americans had with their land. “Avatar” really makes you take a look at how industrialized our world has become, and to what means people will go to in order to gain profit and output.

  2. James Cameroun had to think outside the box to make that kind of a movie. He used a high 3D technology to give the viewers a better feeling of the movie was all about. The movie was emotional and entertaining but it has one important message and this is “humans cannot win the fight against nature”.

  3. You make a good point with comparing the Na’vi people losing their homes to humans and animals here having the same problem. I have watched Avatar before and never really thought to compare what the humans were doing to the Na’vi to what humans are actually doing to people and animals on this planet. There really is not much of a difference at all. If only more people would watch Avatar in the frame of mind that, although the movie itself is science fiction, what is occurring in the movie is what is occurring in reality as well.

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