The newest phone

I just bought a new phone and by the time you are done reading this blog, it will be out to date. I am not a tech person, but I do love gadgets. I grew up in a time when the original nintendo was the thing. I remember when cell phones fit in bags and tvs were big and called tubes. I am not that old, but technology has changed so fast. Techno-optimists are always looking for that next big thing to fix whatever is out there. I have friends that have to have the best gadgets and their lives are not complete. I also grow up enjoying nature. I could backpack in the great Northwest and spend a week in the mountains with a good book and a flashlight as my only electronic device. Today’s young adults don’t know how to go without their smartphones for a few hours. We have become so dependent on our gadgets and technology for entertainment and fixing things that we can’t go without them. What would happen if all the electronics quit working?

I have been watching the show Revolution and this happens. It is fascinating seeing people learn to survive and adapt. I wonder if we need to look at policies and think about the cycle we have begun and the world we are creating to see if we can be without our gadgets?


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