The Day After Tomorrow Screening Report

In the beginning of The Day After Tomorrow, it starts with Jack Hall a paleoclimatologist and his associates, Frank and Jason drilling in Antarctica while a shelf of ice breaks off. A digitized crane shot of a large shelf of broken ice across the Antarctic appears after Jack is saved from his death. This scene depicts the beginning of the dilemma in the film. Jack goes to a conference with the Vice President about global warming. He states that global warming can trigger a cooling trend by disrupting the flow of the North Atlantic Current creating a new ice age. Jack’s warnings about climate change are overlooked. A scene of New Delhi experiencing snow fills the screen showing a change in climate shift. Another shot appears of the streets of Tokyo filled with chunks of ice during a hailstorm. Jack’s son Sam travels to New York for a scholastic decathlon. While in New York a long shot with special effects of birds flying a certain direction in was captured showing some kind of disturbance that is about to occur. Animals are usually indicators of something happening. New York begins to rain non-stop creating a floods of water. A computer graphic of the Hollywood sign in California is destroyed by tornados around the area. Jack theorizes the current has changed due to the melting polar ice caps creating an extreme desalinization point. He creates a grid model of the storms showing three massive super storms over Canada, Scotland, and Siberia. Back in New York a huge wave of water covers Manhattan leaving Sam and his friends to seek shelter in the New York Library. Sam contacts his father and Jack promises to come to Sam and bring him to safety. Jack travels with Jason and Frank from Washington D.C. to Manhattan in the snowstorm searching for his son. People are told to evacuate south towards Mexico to avoid the super storms. There is a shot of the Mexican border filled with people trying to cross and being stopped due to overcrowding. The eye of the super storm is said to instantly freeze anything it come to contact with. The eye of the super storm goes over Manhattan. There is a calm before the storm. The director captures Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Sam observing the quiet before everything starts to freeze. There is a screen shot of special effects of the storm crystallizing and freezing everything in Manhattan. After the freeze, the storm starts to clear up and Jack arrives at the New York Library and finds his son. They contact the President telling him of there are survivors in New York and he sends helicopters to rescue them. There is an aerial shot of survivors on top of the building in New York.

The movie was ok. I thought it was a little exaggerated and dramatic when Jack tries to save his son by traveling from Washington D.C. There were moments where I thought “come on, he wouldn’t have made it”, which made the movie a little inauthentic and annoying. I don’t like it when movies are over exaggerated. This is expected though because it is a movie. Perhaps, more than likely, this film was intentional in it’s exaggeration to make it more exciting. We like happy endings; we really don’t want to be bummed out. Some of the CGI was good in certain parts, other parts weren’t rendered that well. This probably can be due to costs.




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