Techno-optimists vs Techno-skeptics

I was reading chapter 5 of Hull’s book about techno-optimists believing that precautionary principles are unnecessary when it comes to new technology and I must say I disagree. I definitely think precautions should be taken before new technology is used commonly. Technology should be thoroughly researched and analyzed to make sure it does not do harm to the environment. That being said, I am not quite a techno-skeptic, since I do believe technology in the future can replace certain resources that we need now, which is unlike a techno-skeptic’s beliefs. I guess this would put me somewhere in between a techno-optimist and a techno-skeptic and I am sure I am not the only one who would fall somewhere in between the two extremes. Once something in the environment is caused too much harm, the harm may become irreversible and we do need the environment, even with technology, for us to survive.


2 responses to “Techno-optimists vs Techno-skeptics

  1. Amanda,

    I was reading your post and I wanted to say that I am another person who is between the techno-optimists and the techno-skeptic. Extremes are never good and there should be a balance between using and growing technology and taking care of the environment. Also, I wanted to say that all depends on the use of the technology. If we use technology to take advantage of the renewable energies such as nuclear energy then I would not be skeptic. But if we use technology for the massive production of different products and the level of dioxide carbon increases by using it then I would say that I am skeptic. I would disagree with people who are in one extreme or the other. It is always good to have an open mind to consider both sites.


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