Screening the Movie, ice cold.

            The Day After Tomorrow is a film about dramatic climate change. This film didn’t receive great reviews by many, but this film is rich with thoughts about humans and environmental change. Science and technology has not been able to fix the environment as of yet, but it keeps hurting it. This movie is trying to drive the point home that we (humans) must make changes to avoid the impending doom.

            Dennis Quaid portrays a scientist, who thinks an Ice Age is coming, what he doesn’t realize is that it is coming sooner than later. There are many plot lines throughout the movie to make the story come alive for the viewer. The central theme seems to be the environment mixed in with some sappy story about a father trying to be there for his son. The special affects in this film were great for its time. The cameras were always in close up modes for the characters; very rare to see a whole body shot of the actors. The camera work was done very well to show the scenery by doing aerials and crane shots. What was interesting was the way they showed things American would recognize from Los Angeles to New York or the Mexican border to bring the audience into the film.

            The central theme was summed up in one quote by Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid)” Mankind survived the last ice age. We’re certainly capable of surviving this one. All depends on whether or not we’re able to learn from our mistakes?” He drives home the point that we must learn to avoid this disaster. Some might say this is a movie that is science fiction, but the other side is this is a warning in an entertainment field. Instead of reading a satire, there is truth written in a way that viewers can enjoy a movie which is the real reason we watch movies.


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