“Screening report”

I like the movie, it is emotional and has some teaching lessons regarding the world we live in. This is the first time is see it and I was definitely moved by it. Almost every day when I hear discussions about global warming the last thing that comes into mind is it can cause a new  “ice age”. The most common signs of global warming that many people are familiar with are increase in temperature, rise of sea levels but not freezing temperatures of 150 degrees below zero. The issue of global warming and climate change requires a global commitment. As seen in the movie, not many world leaders were moved by Prof. Hall’s speech. His ideas only appeared to be theories until they became real. The U.S vice president was still in denial of the climate changes that were happening. That shows that there is a need for public awareness if we want  to solve issues of global warming and climate change.

The climate changes seen recently such as tornadoes, hurricanes and rising in temperature indicate that we entering a new era. An era of self destruction. Humans exploit natural resources such water and land without considering its side effects to the environment.

So what can we do from now on? As depicted in the movie, solutions to climate changes are costly and no so many countries are willing to spend much of their economy towards climate change solutions.  The book “What we know about climate changes” outlines the options that we can take. We can either ignore the problem and let nature take its course or we can start to act. Solutions to climate changes take place gradually and its is less likely that we will be the beneficiaries, (see page 75-76). Now that I am taking this class, reading all these books and watched this movie I feel like I am a climate change advocate. At times I find myself talking to family and friends about signs of climate change.



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