Labeling at the Grocery Store

One of the sections of Hull’s Infinite Nature talked about food labeling at the grocery store. Labels such as “organic”, “natural”, “green”, and “pure” are just some examples of labels that mark produce, meat, cleaning supplies, and even cosmetics. But, Hull poses the question that these labels could be misleading to the consumer. In today’s day-and-age, we tend to lean towards labels that seem “environmentally friendly”; we want to follow the trend of helping (and looking like we love) the environment. That is why we gravitate towards products that say “green”, “eco-friendly”, and “natural”. However, these labels could be misleading; paper towels that say they are “green” because the tube is recyclable, a few ingredients in a shampoo make it “natural”. The list could go on, but one can see that although the label says it is one thing doesn’t mean that the entire product is what it claims to be. As I am trying to transition to being a vegetarian, I have to look for products that say “dairy-free”, “animal-free”, “organic”, “free range”, and even “cruelty free”. However, I have noticed on some of the vegan “cheese” that I looked at contain whey, which is a dairy by-product. So even vegetarians and vegans need to read the ingredients on specially-made foods that are supposedly animal-free. It’s almost makes grocery shopping a chore; having to constantly read EVERY ingredient and knowing if the weirdly-named ingredient is actually good or bad for the environment.


One response to “Labeling at the Grocery Store

  1. Back in the day organic meat used to be just meat. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to be able to live off the land. We have tried to make things so much easier and have ended up creating new problems. Is this what Hull was saying when he talked about techno skeptics? Are we causing more problems to fix by creating shortcuts to longterm problems?


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