Are WE the Problem?

After reading Kerry Emanuel’s What We Know about Climate Change, and reflecting on previous classes and issues, it seems that us humans are being blamed for the climate change in our atmosphere. The term “global warming” is constantly being linked to humans’ using man-made devices that emit greenhouse gasses which in return affect the temperature of the Earth. But, the question that has disturbed me these past 8 weeks of summer courses is “are we really the problem”? Sure, I understand that driving cars and (the worst of them all) animal-meat production cause enormous amounts of CO2 to enter the Earth, but a lot of natural causes contribute as well. Take for example volcanic eruptions. In Hawaii, when the volcano Kilauea erupts it emits CO2 into the air that is equivalent to around 1,000 SUV’s. Although in comparison, there are WAY less volcanoes than there are manmade devices that emit CO2, but I just feel like human activity shouldn’t be taking ALL of the blame of “global warming”.


One response to “Are WE the Problem?

  1. Sara,

    It is true that we cannot play the blaming game and that natural disasters such as volcanoes, hurricanes or earthquakes play a role as well in this new cycle that is causing a climate change. However, like you said, I think that the number of humans is greater than volcanoes and not to mention the number of vehicles. So, in my opinion, yes one volcano might be equivalent to 1000 SUV’s but what about the emission from billions and billions of vehicles that are in the Earth right now? and what about all the factories?
    Although, I would like to agree with you in what you said about the blaming humanity thing, we need to start taking small actions and measures instead of blaming and debating things because the process of switching into a new era is accelerating every day.


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