movie glossary terms

1. Cross-Cutting:  Cutting back and forth between shots from two(or more) scenes or locales.  This alternation suggests that both actions are occurring simultaneously. I decided to choose that “God father’s” video clip because that shows the nature of human beings. Greed, success at any cost even if it means killing another person. The idea that we always try to maximize profit  through agriculture and other means has led to deforestation and environmental destruction and pollution. This is one of my favourite movies and thatclip shows good example of cross cutting when two different incidents take place at the very same time.

2. Editing- the video on PBS shows real signs of global warming from rising water levels to hurricanes all across the globe. Editing of the video is precice and makes it consistent with the message its conveying. I like the video because it brings the idea that global warming is a natural trend and there is nothing we can do about it. But video contradicts my understanding about Anthropocene though. I believe that the wather changes we see today are highly influenced by humans and humans can make significant changes to atleast minimize its the impact to the environment. For example factors such as(air, water and land) pollution highly affect the ozone layer which increases earth’s temperature, increase of population causes deforestation.

3. Scene- The video clip from movie Sanctum shows an exploration scene to deepest part of the earth that no one has ever been before. It gives a different idea of what is underneath the earth’s surface that we live on.


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