Evolving nature

From the book “Infinite nature” by Bruce Hull, Darwin concluded that “evolution is random, not intentional”. Darwin was referring to the evolution of living humans and other animals through changes in genetic codes. Humans are not the fortunate accidents to have evolved. All organisms on earth impact each other the same way. We depend on each on each other for survival. We humans considers ourselves as superior species but history shows that we were able to evolve and be successful not because we were the fittest but we were competitive and had cooperative relationships with other organisms in the ecosystem.


One response to “Evolving nature

  1. Being in communion with others is what makes a society. Whether it be with other humans or other living creatures, we wouldn’t be “human” if we didn’t know how to live in communion. Sure, in today’s day and age we believe that individualism and being independent is the new “American Dream”, but we wouldn’t have gotten to the point in our lives if we weren’t social creatures. Honestly, I can’t imagine living a life of a hermit; being social is what keeps me sane!

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