Youtube clips and glossary terms

My first glossary term is “documentary” and I chose this because when I think of a movie or film about the environment, I think about a documentary style film. I added the youtube clip “Trashed” because this clip talks about the trash we are accumulating on earth.

The second term I chose is “Crane shot” which is a shot from overhead. I chose this because I love films that fly over a beautiful area and shoot from above. We get to see from a completely different perspective and realize how small we are in the world around us. “Helicopter Safari” does a great job of flying over some areas and showing us the beauty of some areas of Africa.

My last term is “ideology”. The clip I am showing goes along with my post of Human Beings. This funny clip talks shows two men doing manly things. They eat dirt, cut wood, open doors for ladies. I like the clip because we get to see how the ego centric view of man being the center of the Earth and the earth is here to please us. The environment is a tool for us to tame, not to enjoy or be in harmony. This view is subtle in the film but is a view shared by many people.


3 responses to “Youtube clips and glossary terms

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I appreciate the trailer for “Trashed” — that looks like a good one to incorporate into this course, especially in connection with another film I’ve been thinking about using, WALL-E. I also enjoyed the “MANtage” video — you also could have gotten away with using it for the film term “montage”!

  2. Also, in order to get the YouTube clips to show up in your post, it’s necessary to copy and paste the code from the “Share” section found underneath each video on the YouTube page. Apparently, if you copy and paste the URL from the address bar of your browser, all you get in your post is the URL! I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and edited your post to include the proper codes.

  3. I like the “trashed” video as well, i really gave an idea of how brutal we are to our enviroment. Think about this, we put all that trash into our natural resources and then we go back trying to use those trashed resources. What kind of diaster are we creating given the fact that the earth’s population keeps on increasing?.

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