Behind The Scenes of Cheapter By the Dozen Two

This movie clip is representing the vocabulary word set in Corrigan’s glossary of film terms.Set is the place or location used for a specific scene or shot to a film. This youtube video is on the set of Cheaper by the Dozen 2. There are actually many different sets in this whole movie. One of the sets relates particularly to the theme of nature. I think this whole movie, the main set is in a cabin in the woods or on the lake. This means the movie involves nature greatly.


2 responses to “Behind The Scenes of Cheapter By the Dozen Two

  1. Tori,
    I love Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2. Steve Martin is the best! I wouldn’t have thought of using this movie as a correlation with humans and nature, but pointing out this scene for us I was like “Oh yeah!”. It’s great that you used the term “set” for this, because you are right: the set is what exemplifies nature for the film. Great find!

  2. Good idea to use this clip! I never thought about using movie clips to use as examples of the terms. That’s smart thinking though; there’s definitely many movies that have a revolving nature theme in them even if they weren’t specifically featuring the nature.

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