Promised Land

Ok I’m going off the readings here for a little bit, but I thought I would share a movie with everyone since this is a “screening” class. I actually saw this movie with my Mom because we didn’t really see anything else good out at the time (oh and it had Matt Damon in it). The movie was Promised Land and in my opinion, it turned out to be a pretty decent movie. Since I shouldn’t be giving away the summary or any plot points, here’s the IMDb link for anyone interested

I think this movie raised a lot of great questions about the dangers of fracking, which I hope we get to at some point this semester. Big corporations come into these little farm towns promising millions of dollars for natural gas in their land, but there could be little or nothing from what the surveyors “estimated”. I could sort of understand this as I come from the metro area of Colorado and one of our problems right now is the difference between the “city folk” in Denver and the farmers and miners up in Norther Colorado (who actually want to make their own state now because of differences). Do big oil and gas companies really care about what happens to these small farm towns after fracking? The website reports that “In February 2013, the EPA reported that petroleum and natural gas systems, including fracking, constituted the second largest sector in terms of greenhouse gas emissions”. This would make sense to me from what we’ve read so far seeing how natural gas can play a part in the Earth’s chemical cycle. Has anyone else seen this movie and have thoughts on it?


2 responses to “Promised Land

  1. I recently rented this movie and watched it as well. I had already taken a Bioethics class prior to watching it so I had background information on what exactly went on during fracking and what harm could come about due to it. I found that the movie was very accurate in the portrayal of what can actually happen. They did a pretty good job of including accurate facts. I tend to think that these large companies that are trying to persuade people to allow fracking on their land do not really care about what happens to the land around them. If they did care they would put more of an effort into disclosing all of the chemicals that they will be putting into the ground (currently they do not have to share them all with the public if they are part of the “secret recipe”) and would try to find safer alternatives. The companies tend to just care about making the money that they can off of the land, in my opinion.

  2. To play devils advocate, I have a friend who lives in a small town has a lot of fracking going on. He is a pastor there and they have few to know complaints due they can now stay. They were about to lose everything and have to find another way of life. It is sad though, this land becomes a water land. I want to watch this movie now.

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