Looking Ahead

Hello everyone I was told that I am greatly behind on blogging so I will play catch up tonight in between my other courses! I think perhaps one of the most interesting pieces I have come across this class was the podcast Generation Anthropocene “Masters of the Anthropocene Boundary”. It was easy to get lost in some of the jargon and heavy accents sometimes, but those were the masters! I think some of the best comments came from Davor who is investigation international laws that will need to adapt in the FUTURE to better adapt the “unstable environment of the Anthropocene”. So let’s think about this for a second, if these are the guys who are trying to say that the Anthropocene is now, why are we worrying about laws in the future? My best guess is that since we are technically we are still in the Holocene, we can’t do anything for now. Other comments I thought were really worth noting included: “Anthropocene doesn’t mean the same as human influenced – it isn’t because we are here – it’s because the Earth is changing and we are behind SOME of the changes”. And another comments about how climate change hasn’t really happened yet, just some changes at poles and equator really caught my attention. As I had talked about in my first blog, where is the timeline? This helps me because it says that this is the beginning, that if things are not change that humans will dramatically increase the rate things like climate change, extinctions, and sea levels. After all, it was the masters that said the Anthropocene is moving very fast!


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