Sanitation and Water Pollution

This first film clip is about India’s sanitation crisis. People are defecating out in the open due to shortages in public restrooms creating unsanitary living conditions. The streets are filthy polluted with trash and excrement.

Some film terms observed in this clip are fade-in and fade-out. Fade-in occurs when an image appears on the screen usually from a blackened background. When an image fades-out it disappears onto a blackened background.

The film clip fades-in from a darkened screen with the image of the railroad area where people are relieving themselves in the open. It pans and cuts in and out a city, which is polluted with trash. The clip ends with an image to a blackened background fading-out.

This is a trailer for The Simpson’s Movie, which is about Homer Simpson accidently polluting Springfield’s water supply.

This film is an animation. Animation is where inanimate objects or characters are brought to life on screen. The process involves drawing the images on individual frames or taking pictures of the object in single frames, moving the object slightly in each frame.

The trailer of the animation starts off with Homer and Bart on a rooftop. Homer is trying to hammer down some shingles and accidently hammers his eye. In another shot, Homer and Bart are fishing boat. Homer has a bug zapper he uses to drop in the lake to kill the fish. In animation you can exaggerate and expand the storyline for entertainment.

This last film clip is on water pollution around the Earth.

This film clip uses a lot of frames of photographic images. A frame is a border that is created around the image of the subject.

This film clip is comprised of photographs of polluted waters, which are in a frame that cut out or dissolve into another image.



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