Extremely Loud

When reading in the Earth Island Journal Special Issue, this article was about the change in sound.  I can somewhat relate to the first paragraph when the author talks about the difference in sounds from India compared to California.  Though I have never been to either place, I do notice a difference in sounds just from my small home town to Wichita.  Even though I lived in town, it was still much quieter than living anywhere in Wichita.  All I hear is police sirens, trains, cars driving by blaring their music, dogs barking, and horns honking.  And this is all throughout most of the day and night.  In my hometown of about 8000 people, even on main street it is quieter than Wichita.  I live in town, but the neighborhood is quiet mostly all the time except for the occasional UPS truck or dog barking.  Then I compare this to going out to my Grandpa’s or my friends farm, where the only noise you can hear is the wind.  It’s so peaceful.  So, according to this article, the more people on earth and the more we start using technology, the noisier the world gets. Can this really lead to a disease?  It’s not only a form of annoyance, but can also have many health, social, and environmental effects.  The sad things is, no one is noticing.  Human sounds can interrupt sounds of nature also.  It disrupts the natural symphony of animals.  They give many examples of animals that are being hurt by the constant noises of humans.  Even though the noise of humans and all of our daily activities and technologies are affecting the environment in a negative way, how are we supposed to stop this?  There is not a possible way for humans not to be noisy.  It is a part of our lives and there is nothing we can do it slow it down.


One response to “Extremely Loud

  1. Good summary! I like how you were able to make a connection to your own experiences of being from a small town and also visiting farms.

    You ask how we are supposed to stop making so much noise. Given the way we live our lives, it doesn’t seem possible to just start being quiet. But do you really think it’s necessary to be so pessimistic? Is it really not possible to change? Or is it more a matter of not recognizing the problem as being serious enough to do anything about? What do you — and others — think? Is the problem of a “noisy world” something that deserves significantly more attention than it is now receiving? Or are you not persuaded?

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