And Incredibly Bright

This article was mainly about how we have so much light in the world today that hardly anyone in the United States can see the Milky Way.  There are some people who live in certain cities that can’t even see stars on a clear night because of all the city lights.  I think this is awful and very hard to think that in a decade no one in the United States will be able to see the Milky Way.  The artificial night lighting and light glares make it difficult for not only people in the city but also astronomers to observe them.  Also, one of the main points in this article is that being exposed to nighttime light has led to breast cancer.  Overall exposure to nighttime light can impede melatonin levels, which is one thing that can lead to breast cancer.  Even though I see the scientific proof of this, what are people supposed to do stop this?  Never be exposed to the city lights?  That is impossible.  And I also do not think it is possible for cities to lessen the light that is given off at night.  I would also like to add that it seems these days almost anything a person does can supposedly lead to some kind of cancer.  I know there are many things we can do or not do in our lives to help prevent cancer, like not tanning in tanning beds and not smoking, but there are some daily activities that cannot change, like being exposed to nighttime light.


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