Modifications of Climate, Branding Anthropocene

The first article I read was, “Living Through the Anthropocene Storm” by Mark Hertsgaard he addresses the issue with climate changes and how it affects the future of our children. He calls this phenomenon “Generation Hot” for our abilities to withstand the climate change. Some of the climate changes within the last year were due to hurricanes and wildfires. With these changing circumstances, Hertsgaard says, we should “reject despair”. He says, giving in and assuming ‘it’s too late’, is as if we are able to prophesize our future, which no one can do. Hertsgaard has high hopes and believes change can be made through people’s will to take action. Hertsgaard mentions Beyond Coal and Climate Parents, which are two different campaigns being ran promoting preservation of our planet. I think the majority of the population would have to participate in order for a change, which is a pretty difficult task. It would take lots of time and money. Hertsgaard’s article ends with his main message to possess hope, fighting to make a better world.

The second article I read was “Beware the Rainmakers” by Ginger Strand. Since 1838, meteorologists and the U.S. government have been researching ways to modify the weather. Around the 1940’s scientists were able to make clouds precipitate with nucleating agents. As humans, we are always trying to control or manipulate things to benefit ourselves. Strand believes humans have a large effect on the Earth but not in a way, which we are directing it. She says, “There is no perfect balance we have thrown out of whack”. Strand argues that the term “Anthropocene” gives humans too much power and accommodates specifically to us. She thinks we are just part of this story, which is unfolding before us. I think we have a major part in regards to the “direction” in which we are heading and it’s steering towards extinction.

The last article I read was, “Will Branding Help?” by James Gustave Speth. Anthropocene defines humans as an emerging force of nature that is affecting the Earth with physical, chemical, and biological modifications at a prolific rate. Speth states we have a responsibility of managing the planet. With power comes great responsibility. Will branding the name “Anthropocene” make people more receptive to what is happening around the Earth? Speth states the name could be looked at as a sign of pride by humanity’s dominance over nature, which would be a Pyrrhic victory. I think branding the name would make people more aware of our effects on nature and possibly make others susceptible to change.



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