Course Clarification/Going Green

When I first enrolled in this course I was very unsure of what it would be about, and what I would learn. I even googled the word “anthropocene,” a term I had never heard before, to get some clarification. Even after looking this word up I was still unsure of what the course would involve.
After this first week of the course it is more clear to me what this overall course is about. Of all the readings the article “Is the Anthropocene an issue of stratigraphy or pop culture?” was the most interesting to me. It mostly spoke of the relationship between humans and the environment. With the increasing popularity of “going green” over the last few years, I believe it’s become an issue of pop culture. Over the last decade caring about the environment has become the cool thing to do. The magazines and television are always talking about celebrities that donate money to cleaning up parks to clean water programs. This has inspired the rest of society to do the same thing. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more available to society and more popular on the roads. Although these cars are much better for the environment, I think people are also purchasing them because of the money they will save on gas money. They are hitting two birds with one stone this way. Some communities are also making recycling mandatory. The suburb of Wichita that I live in has, and I think more and more communities are. It’s more convenient for people to recycle when they can throw all their recyclable trash in one bin for the city to separate, instead of separating it themselves.

I’m sure there are many other examples that I have not mentioned. I do think that the increase of people “going green” is a good thing, however I wish their motivation for doing so was better.


2 responses to “Course Clarification/Going Green

  1. I’m always glad to see that I am not alone on my initial confusion of what the course was! I agree with you as well about needing some sort of better motivation for the “growing green” movement. I wrote about how for me I needed some sort of concrete evidence that this would affect my generation otherwise it will never get anyone’s attention. It will be interesting to see more evidence on this subject!

  2. I would have to agree! I’m glad I’m not the only one that had no idea what this course was about going into it! This article was very interesting. I think I like it mainly because we could relate to it more. The “going green” has become something that is relevant in everyone’s lives. It’s something we can all do to help make the earth a cleaner place to live in. I agree when you say some people aren’t doing it for the right reason though. I don’t think people should have to see a celebrity recycling and donating money to clean up parks for us to want to recycle and help clean up the community. I have to say I’ve never been one that felt strongly about the “go green” campaign. Then my younger sister wanted to start recycling and I figured if she believes strongly about it, then I could help her out. I still have much to learn about this subject because I am still somewhat unclear of exactly what Anthropocene is. I think it will helps when some people know how it will affect them and the world they live in.

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